whatsapp chrome extension

whatsapp chrome extension

Grow Your WhatsApp Audience with Our Add-on: Enhance Engagement and Captivate Viewers

Our WhatsApp Add-on enables you to effortlessly export both saved and unsaved numbers from WhatsApp groups and chats. Simplify the process of gathering contact information and streamline your outreach efforts.

whatsapp chrome extension


Introducing Contact Saver for Chrome! Now, you have the power to conveniently store numerous unknown numbers from your WhatsApp chats and groups, along with a host of other useful features. With this tool, you can effortlessly expand your WhatsApp Status following by saving all the numbers from your chats and groups at once. Experience enhanced efficiency and maximize your WhatsApp connections with Contact Saver for Chrome.

Export Contacts

  • Export contacts from all WhatsApp chats
  • Export saved contacts only
  • Export unsaved contacts only
  • Export contacts from all WhatsApp groups
  • Export contacts from a specific WhatsApp group

Contacts Synchronizing

  • Directly save your new contacts to your phone from WhatsApp Web.


Install the whatsapp chrome extension chrome extension to your chrome browser open web.whatsapp.com click on the whatsapp chrome extension icon in your browser header to open the program

No it do not, to the best of our knowledge usage of whatsapp chrome extension Chrome extension is within the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp.

Click on the vCard (.VCF) file in your phone to open the file click ‘Save All’ to save all the contacts to your phone.

If contact is saved in your phone we will use the saved name in the export. If contact is not saved then we will use phone numbers’ WhatsApp.

Privacy Policy

This feature is end-to-end encrypted, which means no one can see your live location except the people you shared with.

Chrome store extension codes are reviewed manually by Google team, if an extension is danger on user privacy, or goes against the terms of use, they would take it down immediately. Yes, It is safe.

No, the export features get the data from the browser memory, and saves it immediately to your computer, the data is not exposed or processed anywhere outside your computer.

Your WhatsApp phone number is not required to use the extension, neither in the free subscription, nor in the premium one.

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whatsapp chrome extension

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